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CO2 Laser Cutter/Engraver (48” X 24” Bed Size)

Available in 70, 100, 130 and 150 Watts

Designed and Manufactured with pride in the USA...

Our Systems Feature: All Polished Stainless Steel construction including Table, Legs, Adjustable Leveling Feet, Skirt Panels, Vacuum Pan, Complete Top Enclosure. 1 HP Vacuum System. Precision Aluminum Honeycomb Cutting Bed. Red Beam Combiner. Gas-Assist Cutting Nozzle. Liquid Cooling System with Chiller. Best US-Made Laser Controller in the Industry. One Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty - All Included... Your best value on a  US-Made Laser Cutter with a Large 24” X 48” Usable Cutting Bed, and 70 to 150 Watts of Cutting / Engraving Power !

Custom Manufactured in the USA by Emission Technologies Inc.

Please call us with any and all questions. (407) 595-3732

E-Mail: sales@emissiontechnologies.com

Thank you for your interest in our Laser Cutting/Engraving Systems... We offer High-Quality, Kit-Built CNC Laser Systems that are easy to assemble. We use only the highest quality, Aerospace-Grade materials in the manufacture of our kits, which are custom made to order, here in the USA. Having the added benefit of substantial cost savings to you, our systems produce Raster/Vector and Graphical output with equal or better quality of that produced by any other "Off The Shelf" machine, while giving you a Larger Bed Size, More Laser Power, and Industrial Quality throughout... Please review our Video Section to see for yourself. Our Kits are very easy to assemble, and are highly prefabricated. The system requires bolt-together assembly and installation of print drivers on your PC, followed by optical alignment using supplied templates and jig fixtures. No special tools or soldering is required. All wire harnesses are pre-fabricated and ready to plug in.

All Laser Cutting Systems manufactured by Emission Technologies Inc. are designed and built to withstand the rigors of industrial use... We pride ourselves on the quality of our machines, hand crafted in the USA...
We incorporate the best quality US-Made Laser Controller which provides ease of operation and exceptional functionality and accuracy. Our Print Driver is made here in the USA and supports most all of the standard Windows-Based software commonly used to create CAD drawings including AutoCAD® and Corel Draw® to name a few. You simply "Print" to the machine's Memory Buffer then all printing and engraving functions are controlled direct from the machine.
We provide real tech-support for our product, something you are Unlikely to get with an imported laser machine... We also provide a 1-Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty, Including All Electronics, Power Supplies and the Laser Tube Itself. That is also something you will Not get with an Imported machine.
Please feel free to contact us for any further information. We would be happy to arrange a System Demo here at our facility in Orlando, FL., or provide you with customer references across the US that would be happy to answer any and all questions regarding our machines. We will also quote the manufacture of your "Custom" machine, designed and built especially for your particular application.

Thank You

Emission Technologies Inc.

Phone: 407-595-3732

E-Mail: sales@emissiontechnologies.com

Operational Videos:

Please click or download the links below to see the machine in operation... NOTE: Files are large..

Cutting 1/4" Acylic Plastic #1

Cutting 1/4" Acylic Plastic #2

Cutting 1/4" Acylic Plastic #3

Mixed Mode Output Demo #1

Mixed Mode Output Demo #2

Photo Engraving #1

Photo Engraving #2


70 Watt: PN:ETI-XYT70
100 Watt: PN:ETI-XYT100
130 Watt: PN:ETI-XYT130
150 Watt: PN:ETI-XYT150

Machine Bed Size: 24" x 48" (610mm x 1220mm) Usable Cutting Area
(Precision Welded-Aluminum Honeycomb Cutting Bed Included)

Power Requirements: Universal Power Input 90 - 265 Vac (Auto Sensing)

Laser Power: 70 Watt to 150 Watt, Premium Sealed Refillable CO2 Laser (10,000 Hour Lifespan)

Laser Tube Details: Our Premium Tubes feature Hard Metal Seals, Adjustable Optics, "Fantastic" Beam Quality, and are Refillable...(10,000 Hour Lifespan)

Laser Cooling: Water Cooled. Chiller and Pump Included(Standard)

Vacuum System: 1.5 HP Vacuum System -w- 20' of Hose (Standard)

Pointer Beam: Red Diode Beam Combiner (Standard)

Cutting Nozzle: Computer-Controlled Gas-Assist Cutting Nozzle (Standard)

Construction: All Stainless Steel and Aircraft Aluminum (Standard)

User Interface: 4x20 Character LCD Display with Backlight...
Jog Shuttle Wheel for Machine Jogging, Scrolling Menus, Editing Parameters, etc...
Dedicated Membrane Function Keys and Indicators...
Jogging for all Axis with arbitrary work-zero setting...
Speed and Power Adjustments During Operation...
Pause and Resume Job during operation...

File Storage: 32 MegaByte Onboard Memory Buffer
Stores Jobs Locally which can then be accessed and run easily

Output Modes: Raster and Vector Mixed-Mode Output
Interprets HPGL with Graphic Extensions for Rastering

Supports 256 Level Grayscale for 3-D Engraving and Photos

Raster Resolution: Raster at various DPI Levels up to 1000
Raster Speed: To 25 IPS

Vector Resolution: .0003"
Vector Speed: To 10 IPS

Specialty Modes: Rubber Stamp Mode with Automatic Edge Tapering. Rotary Table Support.

What is Included:

Stainless Steel Table and Top Cover -w- Hinged Lid & Windows

Stainless Steel Vacuum Pan with Ceramic Lining

Stainless Steel Column Legs with Adjustable Leveling Feet

70, 100, 130, or 150 Watt CO2 Laser -w- Integrated Red Beam Combiner

All required Optics

Precision Aluminum Honeycomb Bed

Gas-Assist Cutting Nozzle

1 HP Vacuum System

Linear Rails

Assembled Moving Gantry ready for installation

Drive Motors, Pulleys, Belts and Mounting Hardware Kit

Laser Power Supply

Motion Controller and all Wire Harnesses

Closed Loop Cooling System -w- Chiller, Pump and Tank

Assist-Gas Solenoid set -w- Pressure Regulator and Quick disconnect

Windows Print Driver (All Software Made in USA and supported by real tech support)

Comprehensive Assembly/Operation Manual

1 Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty ! (This Includes the Laser Tube)

Free Tech Support via e-mail or Phone


System Pricing:

ETI-XYT70 -w- Premium 70 Watt Refillable Laser $19,995.00

ETI-XYT100 -w- Premium 100 Watt Refillable Laser $21,995.00

ETI-XYT130 -w- Premium 130 Watt Refillable Laser $23,995.00

ETI-XYT150 -w- Premium 150 Watt Refillable Laser $25,995.00

If you have any questions please feel free to call or e-mail... (407) 595-3732

E-mail: sales@emissiontechnologies.com

Assembled System Pictures





How It Looks When You Open The Crate...





Sample Cut, Engraved, and Photo-Engraved Materials...

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